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Spicer Productions is a dynamic team of filmmakers dedicated to transforming powerful stories into unique and compelling visual narratives. We have collaborated with numerous businesses, organizations, and individuals in the greater Tampa Bay area. Our team is known for being exceptionally easy to work with, ensuring that clients thoroughly enjoy the creative process when partnering with Spicer Productions.

We are passionate about our work and are proud to do what we love!

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I feel fine.

Ozzy is a regular high school student whose life takes a turn when he gets diagnosed with a mental health condition. Suicidal OCD and the shame his diagnosis brings are a heavy load, and he struggles with knowing how to regain control.


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This movie starts filming on June 1st if you would like to be involved in anyway go to our indiegogo for options.


While Roger Cahill is deserted in
the middle of nowhere he stumbles
upon a mysterious motel and falls
in love with a hauntingly beautiful
woman, when things take a turn
he must then overcome the
suffering that was caused from his
non-curable condition.

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Jack, a veteran fighter, trains a new apprentice, Danny, who quickly becomes power hungry. Jack must confront his inner demons and the monster he created in order to be the Last Man Standing.

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It was an absolute pleasure to work with Spicer Productions. Austin, Hailey, and their crew were top-notch with an unique eye for storytelling through film. The whole team was respectful, professional, hardworking, and immensely talented; they demonstrated exceptional guidance and leadership from the top down. Their passion to the craft of filmmaking is second to none.

-RJ Hendricks

I was given short notice to present my new product I am trying to promote. I contacted Spicer Productions and was surprised they were able to film and edit my promotional video within a few days. Austin was also able to provide the venue and voiceover talent. Perfect score from my standpoint!!!

-Jim S

Very professional, unbelievable work ethic, a true pleasure to work with. Would not want to film without the Spicer Pro Crew. Thanks again you rocked it!!!

-James Malz

I had the pleasure of working with Spicer Productions on multiple projects. I highly recommend them for all your video production needs. Austin and his team are the best in the business!


-Joe Baer

Absolutely amazing quality photos and videos but we were even more impressed with their ability to edit! We love every video they have put together for us and will continue to use them at any chance we get. Thanks again!   


-Kelton Todd

I have used Spicer Productions for a few projects in the past. Their professionalism, creativity, and servant hearts can not be matched. I am excited to continue to use them with future projects and to see all that they're going to accomplish.


-Daniel Pigsley

Working with everybody on set was one of the greatest experience that I have ever had everybody was professional open communication bouncing off each other's ideas and we did everything safely. I really hope to do business with you guys again

-Richard Crump

Austin and Hailey captured our ceremony perfectly! Watching the video really brought all the joy back. Your wedding will fly by so quickly and it's so nice to be able to watch it again and relive the moment. They did a fantastic job and I'm so glad we chose to work with them!

-Carla Mccormick

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