The Most Important Video For Your Business!

The video business card. What is that you may be asking? Well the answer to that is “the most important and valuable video you can possibly make for your business. The last thing that you want to be is just another financial adviser company, or just another roofing company, whatever it is you don’t want to be just another commodity. You want you make sure your business is so different and unique that people will come to you and they will be loyal customers to you. The way you do that is by creating a human connection through the video business card.

Spicer Productions has been making videos for businesses for a little over five years and has come to learn the power, that video has to influence people. After being given the honor of working with such amazing people and businesses there has been one video that seems to work best for businesses. It is the video business card.

Its an asset I believe every business needs. To connect emotionally. Its as if you had an automated salesman, but its giving your message. It is simply a video that tells your mission statement visually. Here at Spicer Productions we won’t just make the video business card for you but help you decide what option is best for distribution of your video business card. If you are interested in creating a video business card I encourage you to email me us Thanks for reading!

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