Why Your Business Needs Video!

Our video production company has a very specific niche. It specializes in videos for businesses. Helping the businesses grow in all ways as possible. Although they can do other videos their specialty is helping businesses. Whether its growing in profit, growing in popularity in the search machine or if its just getting the name out there and more familiar that is what our videos do! We love helping others turn their vision into reality. The best way to do that is through video. There are many reasons businesses need videos for their company.

1.    Videos Boosts Conversions and Sales

 Adding a product video on your website will increase conversions by 80%. (Dream Grow 2019)

2.    Videos Are A Great ROI

Videos are considered a great return on investment by 83% of businesses. Although its not the easiest or cheapest way to do things it pays off.

3.    Video builds trust in you and your business

If someone can watch a video, they are going to trust you just by learning more about who you are and what you do. So really you need to stop trying to sell to the customer and just provide useful and interesting information.

4.    Google Likes Videos

One of the biggest reasons our services pay off is because Google likes videos. When you use videos on your website you are fifty-three times more likely to show up first on Google. Let me say that again, fifty-three times more likely to show up first on Google.

5.    Phones

Video and phones go hand in hand in video marketing. About 90% of consumers watch videos on their phones. YouTube has reported that phone video consumption rises 100% each year. Its just easier to watch a video on the go.

6.    It Speaks for itself

If you are launching a new product or service or have one already and want to expand it more then create a video to show how it works. This is like free advertising since the most popular type of video on YouTube is how-to videos this will get you lots of exposure without even running ads. Forty five percent of businesses have used a how-to video and about eighty three percent said that the video was effective!

7.    Video Attracts to Even the Laziest Clients/Customers

Its easy to watch a video and if you keep it short and to the point it will be more effective than you can imagine. Want to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon.

If this hasn’t convinced you that you need videos for your business don’t worry. You could always check out our website or call us at 727-225-7556 and we would be more than happy to talk to you about videos for your business.

P.S If you read this far, we truly appreciate your time!

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