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Austin and Hailey Spicer


Spicer Productions is a Seminole-based full-service film production company. We specialize in every aspect of movie production, from script development, pre-production, filming, to post-production. Our team of experts can help you bring your vision to life with high-quality films. Whether you need assistance with corporate videos, documentaries, or promotional videos, we have the skills and expertise to exceed your expectations.

What began as a hobby when we were young grew into a passion, first for photography, then for videography. Spicer Productions was born out of this passion of ours in May 2017. Austin and Hailey Spicer formed this small but immediately popular business as an outlet for their love of freelance photography and videography. Spicer Productions is a team of filmmakers who strive daily for the highest quality storytelling and also work to improve our skills.

Everyone has something they are passionate about. Whether you have a dream and are acting on that dream or are still just dreaming, get out there and go for it. Get your ideas out there! People need to be taken out of reality and entertained. We need more movies to do this.

What can't be said enough is that Spicer Productions, LLC is very passionate about what we do. We love working with passionate people because we believe the result of a passion-filled movie makes for a good movie.

Austin Spicer


Austin Spicer is an award winning Director based in the greater Tampa, FL area. His latest work is the novel film “Killer Miller” which currently has twenty one awards.  Austin has several years of experience in writing, editing and cinematography which makes for a smooth flow of communication and directing the vision of his films. 

Hailey Spicer


Hailey Spicer is one of few women behind the cameras here in the greater Tampa, FL area. Hailey built her career around the camera and with her vast knowledge of lighting, lenses and cameras she creates beautiful and unique images to tell stories that captivate you in the moment. She films several narrative projects a year showcasing her knowledge and experience. 

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