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Spicer Productions, a Seminole-based film production company founded in May 2017 by Austin and Hailey Spicer, offers full-service expertise spanning script development, pre-production, filming, and post-production. Stemming from a childhood hobby that evolved into a passion for photography and videography, Spicer Productions is dedicated to crafting high-quality films across genres, corporate videos, documentaries, and promotional content. Committed to the art of storytelling and continuous improvement, our team of filmmakers embraces collaboration with fellow passionate individuals to bring visions to life on screen, believing that the essence of a great movie lies in the passion behind its creation.

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Austin and Hailey Spicer, acclaimed directors hailing from Tampa, FL, are celebrated for their visionary storytelling and immersive cinematic style. Their debut feature, "I Feel Fine," made a significant impact, earning critical acclaim and festival accolades. With a diverse portfolio spanning gripping dramas to edge-of-your-seat thrillers, the Spicers consistently push the boundaries of cinematic storytelling. Known for their ability to evoke raw emotions and craft unforgettable experiences, the couple's star continues to rise, supported by numerous prestigious industry awards and a dedicated fan base eagerly anticipating their next project.

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