About Spicer Productions

What began as a hobby when they were young, grew into a passion, first for photography, then for videography. Spicer Productions, LLC was born out of this passion of ours in May 2017. Austin and Hailey Spicer formed this small but immediately popular business as an outlet for their love of freelance photography and videography. Spicer Productions, LLC  is a team of videographers and photographers. We strive daily for the highest quality imagery and also work & learn daily to improve our skills. 


     Everyone has something they are passionate about. Whether you have a dream or acting on that dream, or still just dreaming, get out there and go for it. Get your ideas out there! People need to be informed of, and able to see, what you and your ideas are all about. You need video and photo content in order to accomplish this!


     What can't be said enough is that Spicer Productions, LLC is very passionate about what we do. We love other people's passion! Our job is to ensure that you get the highest quality content to be able to share with others what your passion is. Let us turn your ideas into creative imagery. Whether it's through photography or videography, we will create a way for others to see your dreams and ideas.

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