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Your Big Day!

Your wedding is only going to happen once and you should't have to stress over getting it captured. Spicer Productions offers a unique look at capturing your wedding on film with a 4K multi-camera production, cinematic highlight film of your big day and photos that you will cherish for a lifetime. Down below are our pricing both for photo and video packages!

Photo Packages

Lite Wedding Package $1800   

2 Camera Ceremony Coverage  

Family, Bride and Groom Photos


Sent  via email  


Full Wedding Package $2500

2 Camera Ceremony Coverage  

Getting Ready   

Detail Photos

First Look Photos

Family, Bride and Groom Photos


Sent via email


Additional Coverage Time  

$250 /per hour  


Video Packages

Basic Package - $2500

6 Hours of Coverage Time 

Multiple Camera Ceremony Coverage

Complete Ceremony Coverage

Long Form Reception Highlight Video                Sent via email


Artistic Package -$3000

6 Hours of Coverage Time  

Multiple Camera Ceremony Coverage

Vows from ceremony

Toasts from reception

Cinematic Highlight Film 

Sent Via Email

Elite Package -$3500

8 Hours of Coverage Time 

Multiple Camera Ceremony Coverage

Complete Ceremony Coverage

Toasts from reception

Cinematic Highlight Film

2 DVD Copies with cases

Add Ons

Insta Teaser - $50

DVDs $15 extra

RAW / UNCUT Footage ($200)

For wedding contract email:


Do you travel?

Absolutely!  We LOVE to travel and would love to talk with you more about your wedding, even if it is nowhere near us!  We are happy to travel anywhere in the world!  While we are based out of Lexington, Kentucky, we consider ourselves traveling filmmakers as our business seems to take us away from home more often than not. In the past few years, we have had the pleasure to document love in places including: Chicago, Martha’s Vineyard, Alaska, Maine, Milwaukee, Florida, Utah, Oregon, Arizona, the Dominican Republic, etc.  A large portion of our couples are planning weddings outside of our home-state, so no place is too far for us!

What is your filming style? Do you two pose/direct/or tell us what to do?

Because we are looking to capture natural moments, we do as little “posing” or “styling” as possible. We love catching the moments that are very intimate, honest, authentic, and very real throughout your wedding.  While we use cinematic techniques when filming, the real drive behind our films is to let you see your day the way it happened: the laughing, the happy tears, the thoughtful details, the enthusiasm, the nervousness, and everything in between. Any “creating” that we do is done with this in mind. We want you to watch your wedding film and remember true feelings, not forced poses.


Do we get to pick the music for our films?

Music is a vital part of pulling in the emotion to a film.  We take the selection of music very seriously, simply because when you find “the right” song, it can take the film to a completely different level. For these reasons, we do pick the music ourselves, but if this is something you are really passionate about (for instance, if you are a musician) we will let you pick a song of your choice.


What gear do you use?

We shoot with a Black Magic 6K, BMPCC 4K, Sony a6300's, 2 Canon 5D Mk ii, top of the line lenses, high quality audio equipment, and variety of stabilizers, ranging from tripods to gimbals.


Do you use a drone?

We do and we love to get there and capture the beauty in the location with aerial shots. Due to weather constraints, locations, and laws in certain areas, we never guarantee that we will be able to use it, but we definitely do whenever we can! Austin flys a Mavic Pro and absolutely loves the footage and unique perspective he is able to capture with it.


Do you offer longer edits or additional coverage?

We do! We have a variety of optional add-ons. One of our most popular add-on's is our  "Family Film" - which includes the full ceremony, full speeches, and full events that occur throughout the day. Another popular add-on is our "Instagram Teaser" - which is a one minute, quick edit of all of the "best" moments highlighted throughout the day. It's perfect for sharing online with friends and family and delivered just days after your wedding! In addition to these edits we have several other different length edits and additional hours or days of coverage.


How do we book you?

Head over to our contact page and call or email us and we will be in touch as soon as we possibly can!  Once it is confirmed that we are available and you want to go with us, we will get you a contract and a booking deposit invoice (all done online) and once these are received back, you are official!


Wedding films (5-10mins) will generally be delivered 10-16 weeks after a wedding. We ensure you that you will not be left in the dark during our process. We continue to keep you updated after your wedding on our process and the date of delivery for your films.


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